just friends.

by just friends.

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Letting go of left over high school feelings as I become a man (ha ha ha yeah right.)

you can get this thing in your hands if you want at aomm.storenvy.com


released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


just friends. Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

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Track Name: I'm Only Dating Other Guys Because I Miss You So Much
I'm tired of falling in love with you girls. You're not here. Just imagine how pathetic you'd feel if you meant it. I'm smiling at your words. I'm smiling at your face, but this warmth isn't from you. It's from my computer screen.
Track Name: Ghost
Where are you now? Where have you gone? I just saw you here a minute ago. Your consistent acts of disappearing like a ghost passing through my life. Stop by just to say hi when she's not there, like you do.
Track Name: Brother Figure
It lost its effect , but came right back again. What more was I to expect from locking myself in my room my whole life, but hey. At least you will know where to find me, where I am, if you need a reminder of my name. Buddy, it's ok because sometimes I need the same. A reminder of who I am. It's so annoying.
This is not the house for me. I'm not the person for this family.
With pointed fingers come holes pressed all through out my body. End the cause of the problem and stomp on my head.
I don't expect you to ever understand because I know I never will. At least we will have those few smiles we shared when I wasn't making you sad. What the fuck is wrong with me?
Track Name: Close My Eyes To See What We Could Be, Open My Eyes To See What We Are I
The "what if"s are plaguing my head. There's so much history it's hard not to look back. It took me so long to notice how much I expected from you. It's not fair. I'm sorry I put this all on you. I'm sorry for acting like I was being used. Four years going on forever. Every time it's the same. He just doesn't see you like that. I know how you feel, that's a fact and it's not fair.
Track Name: Close My Eyes To See What We Could Be, Open My Eyes To See What We Are II
Hey there winter afternoon. Do you remember me? I remember you.What did you mean that day? (You were the first one to wave at me) You never mean anything. What a shame, even in my dreams you look through me with blank eyes, but that one time our lips touched it was just your evil twin. That was the last time I woke up with a smile. Stop not thinking of me. Stop not caring for me. I'm crying. There's just so much to remember it's too hard to forget. Will I ever hold her hand or will I forever be reaching for yours?